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13th of December – A day for celebration!

Today is a good day, a great day even. Why? Because Castle Raid turns 448 days old today! In light of these exciting news, we’ve decided to make an announcement: We’re extremely happy and proud to announce that Castle Raid 2 – New Alliances will be released this week! As of Friday the 13th of (more)

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Profiling the old gang

With the introduction of the many new and cool features and units, it’s easy to forget about the old gang. For you guys who are new to Castle Raid (and for the veterans as well) we would like to give a brief recap of the old units, which are still very much to be reckoned (more)

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His power lies in his hat

We’ve all felt the frosty fury that is the magic of the wizard in the tower. With a single burst of energy he’s able to take out a small army threatening to break down your castle walls. Wouldn’t it be great if you could somehow use all that magic offensively as well? Well, guess what. (more)

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What’s an army without a tank or two?

Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries! An impenetrable human wall, solid like a rock, strong like an ox with steel plate armor thicker than a dragon’s hide. The king’s guard is there to serve one single purpose – to protect his king and his army. Even though he carries a (more)

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A chest, a chest, my kingdom for a chest!

Everyone loves getting presents, especially if they come in the form of a treasure chest. Just think of the sheer amount of excitement, and the questions, so many questions. Who will get to it first, me or my opponent? What does it contain – Perhaps some gold, an additional unit, a hat or maybe some (more)

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Boom goes the doonamite!

Love blowing things up? Us too. Ever look up at the mountains during what seems to be a roaring thunderstorm, wondering where the rumbling is coming from. Only to find that the skies are as clear as ever, without any sign of a single storm cloud? From the deepest caverns in the highest mountains they (more)

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The warlock

An antiquated demonic relic or your best friend against an overwhelming enemy army? You don’t have to be a satanist to appreciate what the warlock can do for you. As the only unit with an area of effect damage it can many times be the deciding factor between win or loss. The warlock is especially (more)

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The rogue

– Where? Huh, what… was that? Where did he come from? Where did he go? Lurking in the shadows, hiding in the groves, always silent and always one step ahead of the enemy. Obeying nothing but the code, the unspoken words which bind them together in allegiance. The rogues are the silent assassins on the (more)

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Castle Raid 2 is out!

Castle Raid 2 is THE game to play with friends and family this holiday seasons. The coolest feature of the game is the unique "head 2 head" same device multiplayer, perfect for killing those lingering hours before Santa shows up.
Who will prove to be the best castle raider?