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It’s official. It’s here. It’s time to start raiding!

Oh, how the hours seem to pass by so slowly when waiting for something good. Well, the waiting is finally over! Castle Raid 2 – New Alliances is officially released and available on the iOS App Store and Google Play as of today. Grab it while it’s hot!


Available on the App Store
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Trailer time!

CR2 Trailer

In celebration of the release we’ll be giving you a summary of the game. We’ve already revealed a lot of the game in previous blog posts, but there’s still a lot more that we haven’t shared with you. Please enjoy this recap, or simply get the game instead and find out for yourself.


Castle Raid 2 is the ultimate RTS head 2 head mobile game for the fantasy enthusiast. If you like intense and challenging action, strategizing and outsmarting your opponent and you’re a sucker for the fantasy role play genre, you’ll definitely rank Castle Raid 2 at the top of your list.

Head 2 Head

The coolest and most unique feature of the game is the head 2 head gameplay where you play against a real person on the same device. You each get a side of the screen and command your own army with the mission to smash the other guy’s castle into oblivion. Before you start each battle you get to choose your faction (Reavers or Union) and the unit lineup you wish to play with. You both decide if you want to select your units when the other player is watching or not. If you do choose to reveal your selection, it will give experienced players an edge to choose last, since they can counter the first player’s choice on units. If you feel that one player is a lot better than the other, there’s an option to give one side a disadvantage. You’ll find this in the head 2 head options tab. Here you can also toggle other features such as sudden death and treasure chests on or off.

Single Player Campaign

To be get access to everything in the head 2 head mode, you first have to progress in the single player campaign. It consists of 20 battlefields across two worlds: The Frozen Plains and The Greenlands. You start your journey in the Frozen Plains where you have been driven to flight by Agrok and his orc forces (The Reavers). As the story foretells you play as the blue commander, leader of the Blue Paragons, who recently defeated the Crimson Knights in the last era of war. Your former enemies become your allies as you unite and take up arms to retaliate against the Reaver invasion.

As you progress and defeat the Reaver forces you unlock new units and battlefields, of which many present new obstacles and surprises. The Reaver forces become increasingly difficult as you advance throughout the game. To keep up with the increasing difficulty you can upgrade your units to increase their combat efficiency. You have to remember do this or you’ll find the game extremely hard after a while.

Before you start a battle, you get to choose which difficulty level you wish to attempt it at. You can choose between Casual, Normal or Heroic difficulty. Casual is for the novice player but can be pretty challenging until you get the hang of it. The other two are more difficult but which one you choose to attempt depends on your skill level and your unit upgrade level.

There’s also an option to attempt to beat a battlefield with a challenge. You can choose between Time challenge, where you have to complete the level within a predefined time limit, or Gladiator challenge, where you have to defeat the level with a predefined unit setup (including predefined upgrade levels). Some of the gladiator challenges on heroic difficulty are extremely challenging and will be the hardest thing you attempt in the game. A lot of them have to be played over and over until you find the right strategy.

The units

Castle Raid 2 features a total of 9 units of which 8 are soldiers with different purposes, special capabilities, strengths and weaknesses. The units unlock at different stages in the single player campaign. Before each battle you choose a battle lineup (can’t use all 9 units at once). What units you choose to use is often a personal preference, but some units fare better than others depending on the situation.


The Footman


The footman is with you from the get-go and is very much an allround unit. You’ll find yourself using it a lot in the beginning as the main front line soldier. This footman has an average amount of armor, health and hit points.

The Archer

If the footman is a basic allround unit, the archer can be said to be a basic offensive unit. You’ll find yourself using them throughout the whole game. The archer is slow and low in health and armor, but has good range and fires rapidly. Put them in a group and your opponent had better watch out.

Profile of archer

The Knight

Profile of Knight

The knight represents pure brute force and speed. They are feared on the battlefield and by your accountant. Use them to storm the front at the right time and the battle can be over before you know it. The knight is strong in armor and health, hits hard but is pretty expensive.

The Wizard

The wizard is the sniper in the game. He likes to linger in the background and pick his targets carefully. Get hit by one of his frosty bolts and prepare to meet your maker. The wizard hits hard, but is low in health and armor.


The King’s Guard

King's Guard

Now talk about a walking punching bag. The King’s Guard packs armor up the yin yang, and boy can he talk some trash. Very purposeful when you need to protect your weaker units. The King’s Guard will taunt enemy units on the battlefield to make them focus their attention on him. His high amount of armor does however affect his attack power in a negative way.

The Rogue

The rogues are a shady bunch. Perfect for launching a secret assault upon your enemy or for gaining advantage by taking out strategically important targets. The rogue is not visible to enemy units until he’s right upon them. He’s got low armor and health but hits hard and fast.


The Warlock


The warlock has a speciality towards the dark and unholy and can bring down a rain of fire like nothing you’ve seen before. His dark magic will damage anyone in its vicinity and is not to be taken lightly. The warlock has a decent amount of health but is low in armor and very costly.

The Demolition Expert

The demo expert is a master of surprise attacks. He will run at full speed with a barrel full of dynamite targeting the first enemy building in sight. You’d better get into habit of protecting yourself from this guy or he’ll chop your legs off from under you, so to speak. The demo expert is fast like a ferret but low in health and armor. He does not attack units.

Demo Expert

Other Awesome Stuff

Unit Upgrades

All your units are upgradeable in three steps. You upgrade your units with the rubies you earn from winning a battle in the single player campaign. Each upgrade significantly improves the unit and you’ll soon run into a wall if you neglect to upgrade. With upgrades you can choose your own path in how you wish to progress throughout the game.

Military Ranks

All your soldiers will earn experience on the battlefield. Experience is earned by killing enemy units and each rank improves damage, health and armor. This is exceptionally good for ranged units and can work to your advantage if you protect your units with care.
If you train three or more units in a group one of them will automatically rank up to become the leader.

Military Ranking

Ranged Guard Posts/Zones

Ranged Guard Zones

Placed on strategic locations throughout some battlefields are the ranged guard zones. They are marked with a circle and an arrow and the color of the faction they belong to. All ranged units will automatically “lock” on a guard zone on the same height, unless the unit is otherwise engaged. You can see if a guard zone is taken by its change in color and the indication line that shows you which unit that is bound for the zone. To release a unit from a zone, simply tap on the zone and it will become vacant. Units that stand in a guard zone get increased attack power and range.

Treasure Chests

After you’ve progressed passed a certain level, treasure chests might start dropping from the sky. These little bundles of joy contain something good, most of the time. It can be a nice addition to your treasury, a duplicating spell, or some other cool thing.

Treasure chest


Ranged Guard Zones

Barricades either serve as obstacles or for your protection. They have to be torn down by your units before they can pass them. Your units will only attack neutral barricades or ones that belong to your enemy. Barricades are often combined with ranged guard zones for maximum efficiency.


On some battlefields you’ll run into fortified turrets, which can be on either faction side (or both). The turrets are defensive outposts that automatically attack enemy units within range and will have to be taken out before you can proceed towards the gates.

Video Replays

*** Currently only available for iOS versions ***

One of the most awesome “side features” of the game is the video replay functionality, available on iOS versions. After you’ve finished a battle, you’re able to watch a replay of it right in the game.

You can upload you replay to Everyplay and share with your friends or just keep your own archive for bragging. It also comes in handy if you’re one of those players who like to analyze their play and improve their tactics that way, sort of like a football coach.

The Dragon

We don’t speak of the dragon.

Achievements & Leaderboards

For those of you who like to complete the whole game there are over 40 achievements to collect, some of them naturally (a lot) harder than others.
We have built in support for Game Center and Google Play leaderboards where you can compete with your level score globally on each of the battlefields.


So, there you go, the complete lo-down on Castle Raid 2 – New Alliances, hope you enjoyed it. Feel free to contact us or drop us a comment below if you’ve got any questions or something that you feel needs to be said.

Lastly we’d like to wish all our readers a merry Xmas and happy holidays!

  • Der80

    Thanks… But….
    It’s a IOS 6 app.. so, not for ios 5
    Why didn’t you make an app compatible with iso 5 ?
    Very desappointed…I waited for and at least…
    A lot of people understood that Ios 6 or high isn’t neccessary and (is a fak*) and stay on ios 5.1.1
    I’m not going to upgrade just for this game.
    Too bad.

    • arcticmill

      Thanks for the feedback. There are multiple reasons for not supporting iOS 5 and lower. Backwards compatibility is always an issue when developing software. Sadly enough you have to draw the line somewhere. Hope that you will try the game if you ever decide to upgrade or get a new device.


  • 8B1T

    Hey there, not sure if this is an appropriate medium to post a few bug reports or not, but regardless I’m glad to say I’m really enjoying the game (particularly those pesky Gladiator Challenges).
    I’m on the iOS (iPad 3) version with iOS 7.0.4 installed, and I have these few bugs to mention:
    >Switching the sides in Head 2 Head (Union left/Reaver right) doesn’t change the color of the turrets, even though the turrets still attack the enemy (which based on colors would be the same colored units as turret in that situation)
    >After completing a match in Head 2 Head with the sides switched, then immediately returned to Single Player Campaign, I was playing as Reavers but upon victory, messages and graphics were that of the Union.
    >(haven’t reproduced) One time I was doing a Gladiator Challenge, and quickswitched to another app, then back again. The HUD icon for Gladiatior randomly gained a timer (like in the time challenge) for around 15min or something to that effect. I think the game also displayed a few other things oddly, but nothing obstructing the normal gameplay.
    >(haven’t reproduced) On Single Player Campaign, the game crashed once when a Reaver unit touched a treasure chest after the Reaver Castle Wall was destroyed.
    Also, is the 4th cutscene not meant to play normally in gameplay? I discovered it already unlocked after the tenth stage (which its name has escaped my memory, oops) even though it might have been intended for when Warlocks are unlocked.
    All the best for the next update, and I’m pretty keen to see how the Union fares in Reaver territory pretty soon. (And this is a big ask, but are you guys planning any more – even just one or two – units?)

    • arcticmill

      Hi 8B1T. Thanks for all that feedback, and big thanks for describing the bugs in detail – it will help us squashing them! Have you managed to nail all the time challenges yet? How do you find the difficulty of the game in general? Cheers

Castle Raid 2 is out!

Castle Raid 2 is THE game to play with friends and family this holiday seasons. The coolest feature of the game is the unique "head 2 head" same device multiplayer, perfect for killing those lingering hours before Santa shows up.
Who will prove to be the best castle raider?