It’s official. It’s here. It’s time to start raiding!

Oh, how the hours seem to pass by so slowly when waiting for something good. Well, the waiting is finally over! Castle Raid 2 – New Alliances is officially released and available on the iOS App Store and Google Play as of today. Grab it while it’s hot!   Trailer time! In celebration of the release we’ll be giving you a summary of the game. We’ve already revealed a lot of the game in previous blog posts, but there’s still a lot more that we haven’t shared with you. Please enjoy this recap, or simply get the game instead and find out for yourself.

13th of December – A day for celebration!

Today is a good day, a great day even. Why? Because Castle Raid turns 448 days old today! In light of these exciting news, we’ve decided to make an announcement: (more)

Profiling the old gang

Castle Raid 2 is out!

Castle Raid 2 is THE game to play with friends and family this holiday seasons. The coolest feature of the game is the unique "head 2 head" same device multiplayer, perfect for killing those lingering hours before Santa shows up.
Who will prove to be the best castle raider?
We are a small team

With big ideas!

We're a small team that absolutely loves what we do! To start with an idea, see how it comes to life and most importantly have others laugh to and enjoy our games is tremendously rewarding. This is what fuels our fire and keeps us going day in and day out.


We take fun seriously!

Gustav is the one to go to when you want to know... Anything! He keeps it all together by cooking breakfast porridge as well as managing the business as a whole. Texas Chili that's been lurking in the lunchbox for days and downhill biking is his favourite things!

Gustav Skoglund

Founder, Go-to guy

3-in-1 super talent mastering code, graphics and game design!
He sketches past the lunch break and doesn't hesitate to fix Illustrators shortcomings with custom tweaks. Loves bacon, beer and board games!

Johan Otterud

Lead Designer